Sickness and Attendance

Sickness and absence policy

How we handle sickness/absence?

Who do I need to inform if our swimmer cannot attend training?

There’ll always be occasions when swimmers cannot train. This may be down to holiday, illness or other personal reasons. We know sometimes that some of the reasons will be outside of your control. We will always endeavour to be empathetic and review every case on an individual basis. However, so that we treat everyone fairly, we do need your help and support with the following guidelines that have been set by the club.

If a swimmer can’t attend training for any reason, please let the Head Coach know ASAP.

Are fees still paid even if our swimmer misses sessions?

Training fees always have to be paid. There are only a few exceptions where consideration maybe given for a payment break/holiday. These are for illness or where our swimmer has broken a limb.

Details of payment break in these scenarios are listed below:

  1. If our swimmer is ill for up to 7 weeks, then full fees are continued to be paid
  2. If our swimmer provides doctors evidence that they cannot train for a minimum of 2 months, then training fees are reduced by 50% for the period. Our swimmer cannot return to training or compete during that period
  3. If our swimmer provides doctors evidence that they cannot train for a minimum of 3 months, then training fees are suspended until they are able to return to training. During this period, they will be unable to train or compete.
  4. If our swimmer recovers from their illness earlier than anticipated, and they wish to return to training or competing, then full fees have to be paid from when the illness started. These will need to be paid prior to any training/competing please.

Are extended holidays covered in payment holiday?

Please note that extended holidays are not covered by this policy, and fees have to be continued throughout the holiday period. If fees are stopped for holidays, then our swimmer will be unable to train or compete until all fees are paid in full from date of cancellation. We do appreciate that illness/absence can be a sensitive time. We hope you understand that for us to treat all of our swimmers fairly that these rules have to be set. We thank you for your continued support.

Attendance Policy

To support the club at various competitions, gala’s etc., we’ll be asking for your support with attendance. We want to avoid situations where we have to let down swimmers because events have minimum requirements that we may not be able to meet as a club as there is an expectation that X children attend in certain age groups. Please find attendance guidelines below. We hope you can support us with this.

What are the attendance guidelines?

All swimmers must attend a minimum of 75% of training sessions per quarter. We need your help and support with this. This is in line with the industry and other clubs. We know you’ll all do your best to help us achieve this. We do need to be consistent and therefore please see some guidelines below:

  • If our swimmer can’t meet the 75% requirement in 2 continuous quarters, or three quarters within a year then we’ll issue in writing a request for attendance to improve and work with you on any plan that maybe needed
  • Once the letter/email has been issued, attendance will need to be 85% for the following 12 months
  • If attendance continues to be below the expected level, then we’ll review with you what the next course of action needs to be.

These guidelines have been put in place to support swimmers with their development in line with the squad they are in.

Please note, every case will be reviewed individually. There will be exceptional circumstances which the club will take into account and fully support.

What is the Non-attendance Policy?


All swimmers are expected to achieve the minimum training and competition expectations. Training attendance takes into account holidays, illness and important family occasions. 75% attendance must be achieved including reasons mentioned. We’ll review each sickness scenario on a case by case basis.


To ensure that the club thrives, and swimmers are motivated and eager to train, attending inter-club meets is essential to a swimmer’s ongoing development. All swimmers are expected to compete in the minimum amount of galas as stated in their Squad requirements. Failure to make themselves available, and falling below the minimum standard at the end of the calendar year will require your attention. This is where we’ll need your help as a parent. Please see earlier guidelines for attendance/warnings.

If our swimmer fails to achieve 50% of their squad’s competition requirements over the calendar year, then this will be reviewed by the Head coach and welfare officer on a case by case basis.