Bassett JSF Club Constitution


January 2022

RULES of Bassett JSF Swimming Club (“the Club”) as at 23rd December 2022

  1. Name
    1.1 The name of the Club shall be Bassett JSF Swimming Club
  2. Objects
    2.1 The objects of the Club shall be the teaching, development and practice of [swimming, open water]
    for its members and shall, where appropriate, be to compete. In the furtherance of these objects:
    2.1.1 The Club is committed to treating everyone equally within the context of its activity and with
    due respect to the differences of individuals. It shall not apply nor endorse unlawful or
    unjustified discrimination, and shall act in compliance with the protections afforded by the
    Equality Act 2010.
    2.1.2 The Club shall implement the Swim England Equality Policy (as may be amended from time
    to time).

2.2 The Club shall be affiliated to Swim England South East Region, and shall adopt and conform to the
rules of the South East Region, and to such other bodies as the Club may determine from time to
2.3 The business and affairs of the Club shall at all times be conducted in accordance with the Articles,
Regulations and Technical Rules of Swim England (“Swim England Regulations”) and in

1 November 2021

2.3.1 all competing members shall be eligible competitors as defined in Swim England
Regulations; and
2.3.2 the Club shall in accordance with Swim England Regulations adopt the current Swim
England’s Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures (“Wavepower”); and shall recognise
that the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility and that all children and young
people have a right to have fun, be safe and be protected from harm.
2.3.3 members of the Club shall in accordance with Swim England Regulations comply with

2.4 By virtue of the affiliation of the Club to Swim England South East Region, the Club and all members
of the Club acknowledge that they are subject to the regulations, rules and constitutions of:
2.4.1 Hampshire County Association; and
2.4.2 Swim England South East Region; and
2.4.3 Swim England (to include the Code of Ethics); and

2.4.4 British Swimming (in particular its Anti-Doping Rules and Judicial Code); and
2.4.5 LEN, the European governing body for the aquatic sports; and
2.4.6 FINA, the World governing body for the aquatic sports.
(hereinafter defined as “Rules of a Governing Body”).
2.5 In the event that there shall be any conflict between any rule or by-law of the Club and the Rules of the Governing Body then the relevant Rule of the Governing Body shall prevail.

  1. Membership
    3.1 The total membership of the Club shall not normally be limited. If however the Committee considers that there is a good reason to impose any limit from time to time then the Committee shall put forward appropriate proposals for consideration at a General Meeting of the Club. The members
    shall have the right to impose (and remove) from time to time any limits on total membership (or
    any category of membership) of the Club.
    3.2 Club membership consists of four parts all or some of which may have annual fees. The four parts with applicable fees to be paid by the due date are Club, County, Region and Swim England
    3.3 All persons who assist in any way with the Club’s activities shall become members of the Club and hence Swim England and the relevant Swim England membership fee shall be paid.

3.4 Paid individuals who are not members of the Club must be members